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ST-TZ18 automatic barley paper pasting machine


Automatic barley paper pasting machine

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ST-TZ18 automatic barley paper pasting machine

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Product Description

1. Project Name: Automatic Highland Barley Paper Sticking Machine/Automatic Insulating Paper Sticking Machine

2. Model: ST-TZ18 (Attached Figure)

3. Function Description

ST-TZ18 Cylindrical Battery (18650) Highland Barley Paper Sticking Machine is an automatic equipment for sticking highland barley paper on the positive pole of cylindrical battery. This equipment is controlled by PLC stepping motor and cylinder to complete the function of sticking highland barley paper to the battery core, and the number of finished cylindrical batteries is about 4000 per hour. The mechanical structure design is simple and generous, and the system performance is stable. In the current market, so far the most cost-effective one of the cylindrical battery paste highland barley paper equipment.

4. Process

Induction Loading Battery Core → Motor Rotation → Belt Transportation Battery → Battery Entering Discharge Position → Stopper Cylinder Loosen → Lead Wire Driving Cylinder Battery Group → Battery Full 4 Lead Wives Displace Battery → Cylinder Press Down → Battery Moves to Highland Barley Paper Position → Cylinder Secondary Positioning Battery → Punching Highland Barley Paper → Scrap Recovery → Finished Battery to Finished Material Slot → Manual Carboxing.

5. mechanical structure

1) The equipment has compact structure design, beautiful appearance and small space occupation.

2) Manual feeding of equipment.

3) The equipment adopts high-quality thick cold-rolled sheet metal and aluminum profile frame.

4) The equipment is equipped with universal movable casters, making it easy to move and transport the equipment.

6. equipment technical parameters

● working voltage: AC 220V 10%/50Hz, power: ≤ 3KW

● working gas source: 0.5~0.8 Mpa

● suitable for battery specifications: 18650 finished battery cells

● sticker efficiency: ≥ 65PPM

● equipment weight: about 400 ㎏

● overall dimensions: 1200 (length) × 900 (width) × 1700 (height) mm

● Sticker machine frame material: high-quality thick cold-rolled plate, made of aluminum profile.

● Sticker roll parameters: width: 98mm, length: 100m

● Sticker modulus: 4 bits

● Die driving mode: pneumatic

7. equipment configuration list

◎ touch screen: Wei Lun Tong

◎ PLC: motion controller

◎ stepping motor: Beifu

◎ servo motor: mitsubishi & Lechuang

Sensor: Panasonic and Omron

Bearing: NSK

Cylinder: Yadk

Switching Power Supply: Taiwan Mingwei

8. Operating Environment

) Indoor Temperature:-30 ℃ ~ 50 ℃.

2) Indoor humidity: below 55%.

3) Factory site: no pollution and no strong electromagnetic interference.

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