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N95 Mask Nose Bridge Strip Compressing Machine


Mask spot welding machine

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N95 Mask Nose Bridge Strip Compressing Machine

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ultrasonic spot welding machine adopts microcomputer control, electronic tuning, frequency LCD display, continuous adjustable power, simple operation, stable and reliable work; firm welding, good consistency, welding parts have a firm welding surface, high strength, beautiful, Environmental protection and other characteristics. Ultrasonic metal spot welding machine is not only easy to operate, built-in electronic protection circuit, but also safe to use, for the same kind of metal welding, can implement single point or multi-point welding of non-ferrous metals; ultrasonic metal spot welding machine has been widely used in batteries and hardware products industry.

This machine is introduced: Spot welding machine has a wide range of uses. The biggest feature of this machine is dexterity, convenient operation and high efficiency! Multi-channel ultrasonic protection system, trouble-free repeated testing, high stability.

1. Eliminate the pinhole phenomenon caused by the traditional sewing machine. The processed products have the characteristics of good water tightness, high production efficiency, no needlework accessories, smooth melting surface without burrs, and good hand feeling..

2. Vibration can reach 20,000 times per second, which can be processed when starting up, without preheating, easy operation, continuous processing, fast speed, high efficiency, low labor cost, simple mechanical operation, easy maintenance, 20KHZ low noise ultrasonic, anti-noise

3. ultrasonic spot welding machine is mainly used for sewing, welding, melting cutting, embossing and flower wheel replacement of synthetic fiber cloth, all kinds of round flowers can be replaced according to the needs of customers. No preheating is required during production. Wrapping paper and gold foil can be packed at the same time, and preheating is not required during pressurization. Tang Jin function; Multiple special machines can be used to complete products with larger width at one time. The welding head is wear-resistant and has a long service life. Widely used in clothing lace, bed covers, pillowcases, car covers, tents, packing belts, backpacks, travel belts, portable belts, curtains, raincoats, windbreakers, snowcoats, toys, gloves, table towels, chair covers, quilt covers, masks, protective clothing, belts, hair accessories, accessories, umbrellas, and other industries. Applicable materials for

ultrasonic spot welder:

chemical synthetic fiber cloth, or chemical fiber blended and chemical film (containing more than 30% chemical fiber), can be processed into required products, such as Nylon cloth, needle and thread repair, non-woven fabric (spunlace cloth, ES material, PP non-woven fabric, etc.) T/R cloth, tedolong repair (Polyester cloth), multi-layer cloth, and all kinds of laminated coated cloth film paper can be applied.

KN95 mask edge banding machine nose bridge bar machine mask ultrasonic edge banding machine mask welding surface machine factory outlet! The equipment is greatly affected by the fluctuation of ultrasonic price and other parts. Please refer to the telephone consultation service personnel for quotation for accurate price!!!

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