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ST-2011A gantry type precision energy storage spot welding machine


Gantry type battery spot welding machine

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ST-2011A gantry type precision energy storage spot welding machine

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Product Description

1. Project: Gantry Precision Energy Storage Spot Welding Machine

2. Model: ST-2011A (Attached Figure)

3. Equipment Features

This device has the function of switching 10 groups of welding parameters and the function of welding current monitoring

, which can control the welding quality to ensure the welding quality. This device is a pin

welding equipment developed for industries demanding high quality welding.

This device has a 2-stage power output function, which can be suitable for welding of various welding materials and various welding process requirements. It has stable performance and can be applied to precision welding of metal parts such as batteries and hardware.

4. product features

1, high-performance CPU control, fast welding speed, 1.5-2 times that of standard energy storage welding machine;

2, using the latest IGBT discharge control, welding pulse width Adjustable (discharge time), the width of the standard energy storage welding machine is fixed;

3, (single) double pulse energy storage welding, reduce welding spatter;

4, high-speed polarity switching function to ensure the consistency of the two welding spots;

5, electronic voltage stabilization function, stable current output can also be provided when the network voltage is unstable;

6, can monitor the welding current, current abnormal sound and light alarm;

7, 10 custom welding specifications, can be flexibly called;

8, solder joint counting preset function, prompt repair and electrode replacement;

9, radio (RFI) and electromagnetic dry (EMI) protection;

10, power supply head split design, pneumatic and pedal can be flexibly matched.

5. Technical Parameters

1. Model: ST-2011A

2. Input Power Supply (V):1Phase AC 220V 10% 50/60Hz

3. Output Current (A):8000A(max)

4. Approved Capacity (Joule): 500J

5. Control Mode: fixed voltage control

6. Cooling method: forced air cooling

7. Welding condition: 10

8. Application: electronic parts, battery connecting piece (0.1-0.3mm)

9. Weight (Kg): 65

10. Exterior dimension (W×H×D) controller: 185 × 280 × 465

11. Exterior Dimension (W×H×D) Transformer: 205 × 272 × 290

6. Battery Pack Welding Legend

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